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Van Use

Lend A Hand has purchased two used, 15 passenger van. For our trips, the van will accommodate up to 11 passengers and their luggage and tools. When the van is not being used by Lend A Hand, it will be made available to any congregation’s Session or Administrative Council-approved field trip or youth program at a recommended fee of $60 per day plus a full tank of gas.

Click here to download a copy of the van use form. Please call the Lend A hand office at 717.731.8888 to arrange scheduling.

General Guidelines

The van may be made available to congregations and other Church-affiliated organizations under the following considerations:

  1. Lend A Hand schedules shall be primary. The van may be made available when not used by Lend A Hand.
  2. The van may be used by congregations and other Church-affiliated organizations. A Session or Administrative Council approval of the use must be provided. It is appropriate for the van to be used for youth group outings, session retreats, Sunday school outings, and similar events.
  3. Under no circumstances shall tobacco related products be used in the van. Additionally, no alcoholic beverages or non-prescribed addictive drugs or substances be transported or consumed in the van.
  4. The gas tank will be full at the time the van is picked up.It should be returned with a full tank. For round trips in excess of 1,000 miles, the oil and oil filter should be changed by the user before returning the van to Lend A Hand. Fluid levels and tire pressure should be checked at the beginning and end of the trip. Report all maintenance issues to Lend A Hand in writing.
  5. All drivers must be age 25 or older. In the event of an accident, the driver’s insurance shall be primary. In the event that this is not possible, the Lend A Hand insurance shall cover the cost of damages to the van.The user shall be responsible for reimbursing Lend A Hand for the $250 deductible. An Accident Incident Report form must be completed as soon as practicable (copy will be in the van).
  6. A recommended donation to Lend A Hand of $60 per day for use of the van. The donation shall cover a 24-hour period or any part thereof. This donation will help defray the cost of insurance, annual inspections and registrations, and routine maintenance of the van. Reasonable adjustments to this donation schedule can be made. For example, because the office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, if the van is picked up on Friday during office hours and returned on Monday during office hours, only Saturday and Sunday will be considered. So too, if the van is in a garage having the oil changed, no donation schedule will be applied.
  7. All user drivers must read and sign acknowledgement of the “Safe Church 15-Passenger Van Safety Program.” Information on this program will be provided when you sign up for the van.